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 Dr. Werner Dahm Professor Iain Boyd photograph
Dr. Werner Dahm
SAB Chair
Dr. Iain Boyd
SAB Vice Chair
 Lt. General Arnold Bunch Lieutenant Colonel Chris Jenkins Executive Director
Lt General Arnold Bunch
SAB Military Director
Lt Col Chris Jenkins
SAB Exec Director

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Current Studies

Cyber Vulnerabilities of Embedded Systems on Air And Space Systems

Enhanced Utility of Unmanned Air Vehicles In Contested and Denied Environments

Utility of Quantum Systems for the Air Force

Read more about the current SAB studies.


Examples of recent SAB studies

The following descriptions of some recent studies are provided as examples of recent impacts.

FY14 Study: Technology Readiness for Hypersonic Vehicles
This study examined the potential military utility of hypersonics technology to help the Air Force characterize the maturity (current and projected) of the applicable enabling technologies, identify overall system concepts, develop confidence in the requisite aerodynamics, propulsion, structures, materials, and flight control technologies for the vehicle, address the sensors, communications, and other auxiliary sub-systems needed for the overall concept, and effectively integrate all those technologies.  The study found that an air-launched tactical range hypersonic strike weapon has substantial operational utility in projected anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) environments and can be fielded for use in the 2025 timeframe.

Read more about the recent SAB studies.

View previous SAB study topics here.
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SAB LogoThe Air Force Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is a Federal Advisory Committee that provides independent advice on matters of science and technology relating to the Air Force mission, reporting directly to the Secretary of the Air Force and Chief of Staff of the Air Force.  Since its formation in 1944, studies and technical reviews by the SAB have had strong impacts on the science and technology programs conducted by the Air Force, and on the resulting capabilities that have emerged from these programs to support the Air Force mission. 

The Board consists of members appointed by the Secretary of Defense from among the nation's leading experts in science, technology, engineering, and technical program leadership across industry, FFRDCs and national laboratories, and academia.  They offer their time to benefit the Air Force and the nation by identifying applications of technology that can improve Air Force capabilities or that could enable entirely new capabilities, and advising on the Air Force science and technology portfolio to maximize its value in supporting the Air Force mission.

The SAB is tasked each year by the Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force to conduct studies on topics deemed critical to the Air Force mission and recommend applications of technologies that can improve Air Force capabilities.  Current studies being conducted by the Board are summarized on this site, and a complete list of all previous SAB studies is also available here. 

The SAB also conducts annual in-depth reviews of the science and technology programs in the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).  Each of these week-long reviews addresses programs in one of the AFRL Technical Directorates, with essentially all AFRL research programs being reviewed over every four-year cycle.  These reviews have informed Air Force leadership and influenced science and technology pursued and adopted by the Air Force.

As it has since its formation, the SAB today continues its role of looking into the future to help enable affordable technological pre-eminence for the U.S. Air Force and the Nation.
tabMemo from the SAB Chair 
August 2015

Welcome to the U.S. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) public web site.

The Board's activity and ops tempo have been high over the past several months as the SAB continues its mission of helping the Air Force maintain a clear "vision into the future" of science and technology-enabled capabilities.

The SAB held its two-week Summer Session during June to complete the three major studies that the Secretary of the Air Force tasked the Board to conduct in FY15.  Planning for these studies began last Fall, and the studies had been underway since January, with study panels meeting for several days or more each month.  To complete these studies, on June 24th the SAB held its Summer Board Meeting at which the study results were deliberated on and formally approved by the Board.

The SAB study results and recommendations have since then been briefed throughout Headquarters Air Force and the Major Commands.  We continue to brief them upon request to other relevant Air Force and Department of Defense organizations.  Written reports detailing the findings and recommendations from these FY15 studies are currently being completed, and after security review we expect that they will be available beginning in January 2016.  In the next few weeks the Board also anticipates being tasked by the Secretary of the Air Force with the next set of major studies that the SAB will conduct for the Air Force in FY16.

Also, we have been preparing since April for the SAB's FY16 Science and Technology Reviews of Technical Directorates in the Air Force Research Laboratory.  The SAB will conduct five such reviews this year.  Each review includes a week-long on-site fact finding visit by a review panel to receive in-depth briefings, lab tours, and other information detailing the Directorate's technical strategy, resources, focus areas, programs, facilities, people, results, accomplishments, challenges, and other factors.  The Board then identifies strengths, issues, and recommendations to help the Air Force maintain the quality and relevance of its science and technology program.

Additionally, the SAB's Fall Board Meeting is rapidly approaching, at which we invite senior Air Force and DoD leadership and other prominent national leaders to provide their strategic perspectives to the Board.  We have an outstanding roster of speakers, including the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, and I know that this meeting will be both interesting and valuable to the SAB in the performance of its mission.

I look forward to the SAB continuing to accomplish its mission of providing the best independent advice to the senior leadership of the Air Force to help maximize the value and benefit of the Air Force's science and technology investments.

Dr. Werner J.A. Dahm
Chair, U.S. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

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tabGeneral Board Meetings
Sep 22-23, 2015
Location: Crystal City, VA
Sep 22 - General Board Meeting 7:30 AM
Sep 23 - New Member Training 7:30-9 AM
Sep 23 - General Board Meeting 9:15 AM

Jan 19-22, 2016  
Location: Beckman Center, Irvine, CA
Jan 19 - General Board Meeting
Jan 20 - Consultant & Executive Officer Training

Apr 18-21, 2016
Location: Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ
Apr 18 - Study Chairs brief EXCOM
Apr 19 - General Board Meeting 

June 6-15, 2016
Location: Beckman Center, Irvine, CA
June 15 - General Board Meeting

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